How I turned Social Media Into Success

I run my own restaurant, and, as most of us know, a restaurant is a very difficult enterprise to find success in.  There is so much that goes into running a successful restaurant that most people who try it end up failing within the first year.  When we first opened our doors, I was very concerned that we were going to be very short lived.  We just were not getting the customers that we needed in order to keep up with our business and pay off our startup loans.  I did not know what I was going to do, and so I talked to a friend of mine who told me that social media is one of the best ways to market a business, even if it is a restaurant.

I was quite skeptical at first, and I was unsure if what he was telling me to do would really work.  I had already set up social media accounts for the restaurant, but I had never seen any real success due to advertising on these sites.  That was when he told me that I ought to consider buying Instagram followers, as the more followers that you have on Instagram, the more likely that your name and brand will be known to the general public.

I looked into it a bit deeper, and it seemed apparent to me that buying Instagram followers is a practice that is a little controversial.  The reason for this is the fact that a lot of celebrities have been accused of buying followers in order to boost their numbers.  However, I really did not care to be a celebrity, I just wanted to have a successful restaurant.  I decided to go ahead and buy some followers in order to see if it would increase traffic to my social media accounts and make my name better known.  Still skeptical, I did manage to notice a significant jump in traffic to social media likes after buying these followers.

The next step was to wait and see if people actually started coming through our doors.  It took about a month or so to really see any sort of significant change, but we started to have certain times of day that would get really busy.  I always made sure to ask my customers how they heard about us, and many said that they saw us on social media.  This fact was something that made me feel really good about choosing to buy those followers.

This last month we generated more revenue than we ever had before, and it was the first month that we were actually in the black.  My only regret is the fact that I did not try this tactic before.  I am hoping that we can keep up success so that we can pay off our debts and continue to have a successful business.  Only time will tell, of course, but things really are beginning to look up for us, and that is a good thing.