How I Became a Huge Success

I’m a writer and a musician, and anyone who has ever worked in the literary or music industries knows just how difficult either can be.  It seems nearly impossible to ever accomplish any of your stated goals at times, and I have spent a huge part of my adult life struggling to make ends meet while I try to get my art out there and appreciated by people.  Whether it was an album that I put together or a novel that I was working on, I could never seem to get my foot in the door and start to make a living doing what I loved.  That was until I figured out ways to get followers on Instagram.

If you are unaware, Instagram is a social media site that allows you to post pictures and share other things that you are working on.  While it is not quite as well-known as some of the other social media sites out there, it is possible to link it with all of your other accounts, and so using it as a resource was something that was very useful to me.  Instead of posting the same thing separately on each site, I was able to link them all and gain followers on all of them.

When I first started out promoting my work on social media, I had very few followers, and it did not look like I was ever going to get the following that I needed in order to be successful.  However, a friend of mine told me that there were different things I could do in order to get followers on Instagram, and so I took his advice and began looking into all of my options.  I stumbled upon a website that would actually sell me real followers, and those followers that I bought ended up becoming subscribers on my blog.  Eventually, I had earned a large enough following across all of my social media sites to begin to get noticed.

Both my music and my writing were being noticed by publishers and record labels.  I just released my first full length album, and I am currently negotiating a deal with a publisher in order to have my first novel published.  It has been a long time coming, but it appears as though I am finally reaching the level of success that I had only dreamed of.  I am making enough off of my album to live, and so whatever I happen to make in the sale of my novel will really just be extra income for me.

If you are an artist of any kind, I highly suggest that you take advantage of social media.  It is one of the best places to share your work, and because it is free to use, it really does not add any extra expense.  Definitely do what I did and make sure you go all out in promoting yourself so that you can reach the level of success you have only dreamed of.